ISO 45001:2018 Health Management Systems

Organizations are increasingly interested in achieving good results in terms of health and occupational safety and to communicate them to the public opinion and to the institutions.

The certification of the Safety Management System allows the employees, customers and other stakeholders to meet the commitment of the company and the increasingly frequent news reports confirm this need.

Management on health risks and occupational safety, in fact, has positive effects on activities, products and services of the Organization and this may also be reflected on the financial results. Complex legislation and constantly updated, better management of human resources and other measures are increasingly being used to promote the protection and assistance in the field of health and occupational safety. The growing worries by the side of all the speaker requires a clear and unavoidable commitment towards safety, which aims at a sustainable development of business and to the continuous improvement of H&S.

The ISO 45001 certification

Compliance with the international standard ISO 45001 (Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Specification-tion) ensures compliance with the requirements expected for health and occupational safety management systems and allows an organization to better evaluate the risks and improve their performance. The ISO 45001 can be adopted by any organization operating in all types of industries and activities and aims to systematize for a company, control, knowledge and awareness of all the possible risks involved in situations of normal and extraordinary operation

Which are the benefits?

The benefits derived from the implementation of an Management System can be summarized as follows:

  • Improvement of safety culture in the company
  • More control regarding risks and reduction of hazards through the setting of objectives, targets and responsibilities
  • Supervision of the legislative compliance
  • Improvement of the company image
  • Demonstration of commitment to the protection of personnel, goods and facilities
  • Promoting a more effective internal and external communication
  • Increased possibility to acquire new customers and suppliers

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