ESQ CERTIFICATION ASSURANCE operates as a Certification Body for Management Systems in compliance with the national and international regulations (ISO, ISO / IEC, EEC Directives, etc.).

Our Organisation and the collaboration and partnerships Network allows us to develop our skills by integrating experience on a National, European and International level.

Management systems

Is even possible to certificate other types of services, on request of the customer and in relation to the available standards or other specifications given by the customer.

The certification is the result of an activity of conformity assessment that is the verification that they meet the requirements (needs and expectations) for a management system or service.

In relation to the target set, conformity assessment is divided into:

  • First Part: when is performed by a person or from the organisation that provides the object (for example, an internal audit);
  • Second part: when is performed by those who have an interest in the organisation, such as customers, or by other persons on their behalf;
  • Third part: when is performed by a person or entity independent, from the person or the Organisation that provides the object and without interest for the same user (for example a certification body as ESQ CERTIFICATION ASSURANCE)

The evaluation model of ESQ CERTIFICATION ASSURANCE identifies all the following steps. The process begins with the first contact with the client’s company:

  • pre-contractual: economic quantificationof audit activities aimed to the issue of the certificates required and the cost of its maintenance over time (cost surveillance audit);
  • contractual: management of the relationship with the customer according to the principles of transparency, competence, cooperation and confidentiality of information;
  • planning and performing of audit in the company for the assessment of the conformities;
  • examination of the visit reports and decisions relating to certification;
  • issue of the certificate (as a result of a positive assessment of the Certification Committee);
  • use and granting of the certification mark;
  • inserimento nella banca dati dei clienti certificati pubblicata nel sito internet di ESQ CERTIFICATION ASSURANCE;
  • inclusion in the database of certified customers published on the website of ESQ CERTIFICATION ASSURANCE;
  • annual surveillance audit and re-examination of comprehensive three-year basis;
  • decisions imposing fines in cases of violation of the rules for the Certification (suspension, revocation of the certificate);
  • managing complaints and appeals against decisions taken by ESQ CERTIFICATION ASSURANCE on topics related to certification;
  • management of complaints received by users/customer of certified company by ESQ CERTIFICATION ASSURANCE.