Global Level Competence

ESQ CERTIFICATION ASSURANCE offers knowledge and experience as well as expertise on a national, regional and global scale. ESQ CERTIFICATION ASSURANCE technicians are only selected on the basis of specific technical knowledge in different industries; our network of highly competent and professional local resources adds real value to the audit by creating the conditions for your company’s continued growth.

Independence and Impartiality

ESQ CERTIFICATION ASSURANCE is synonymous with independence and impartiality. In order to issue a certification that conveys confidence, ESQ CERTIFICATION ASSURANCE has developed and authorized to ‘issue a management system by adopting the principles and requirements of 17021, and providing for the supervision of its impartiality by an independent committee and statutory safeguards of impartiality.

Adding value to customers’ products and services

The audits carried out by ESQ CERTIFICATION ASSURANCE personnel are aimed at assessing the compliance of the client company with the reference standard; thanks to the auditors qualified in their respective fields, ESQ CERTIFICATION ASSURANCE is able to add value to the clients’ business through the identification of process and system improvement opportunities for efficiency and compliance.

Customer satisfaction

Our commitment to your company does not end with the certificate. As a certified ESQ CERTIFICATION ASSURANCE customer, you can discuss your needs with our Technical Department at any time. In addition, by subscribing to our newsletter, you will periodically receive a range of business and technical news relevant to your organization.