ESQ CERTIFICATION ASSURANCE understands the importance of impartiality in the performance of management system certification activities and therefore manages potential conflicts of interest and ensures full objectivity for management system certification activities. The certification body has developed and implemented procedures in accordance with the requirements of ISO/IEC 17021:2011.

ESQ CERTIFICATION ASSURANCE identifies , analyzes and documents all possible conflicts of interest that arise from the certification processes including the relationships established. If any relationships create potential threats to impartiality ESQ CERTIFICATION ASSURANCE documents , eliminates or reduces such threats . It is necessary, in order to cover all possible sources of conflict of interest ‘ that they are properly identified regardless of their origin.” ESQ CERTIFICATION ASSURANCE requires all employees and contractors to comply with the rules of impartiality and all other procedures and requirements. The certification body must not engage in activities that could threaten the impartiality and / or represent a potential conflict of interest. In the case of certain relationships that may create unacceptable threat of impartiality the certification activity should not be performed.

The certification body shall not certify another certification body for its activities related to the certification system. ESQ CERTIFICATION ASSURANCE does not in any way authorize the performance of activities that may represent a conflict of interest, such as the promotion or provision of management system consulting services. The certification body must take corrective action against claims by any consulting organization that certification will be easier, faster or cheaper if requested from the certification body itself.

ESQ CERTIFICATION ASSURANCE will not be able to certify organizations that ESQ CERTIFICATION ASSURANCE is a part of or a member of. ESQ CERTIFICATION ASSURANCE does not provide internal audits for its certified clients.

ESQ CERTIFICATION ASSURANCE does not provide certification services to a client when the relationship between the consulting and certification firm could lead to impartiality threat.

ESQ CERTIFICATION ASSURANCE does not receive any form of financial support other than the sale of its services.

ESQ CERTIFICATION ASSURANCE does not pay commissions to consultants, so there can be no pressure exerted on the Certification Body by consultants.

ESQ CERTIFICATION ASSURANCE will not allow any pressure from other Certification Bodies to influence the certification process for the organization. If another Certification Body refuses to provide the service for the client and the client requests the same service from ESQ CERTIFICATION ASSURANCE, ESQ CERTIFICATION ASSURANCE must investigate the reasons for the refusal before performing any other certification activities for the respective clients. In all cases the Certification Body must not allow any pressure from partners and others if the client complies with the applicable standard. ESQ CERTIFICATION ASSURANCE shall not allow pressure from clients and/or consulting organizations. If such pressure exists the Certification Body applies requirements of ISO/IEC 17021:2011 and internal procedures in order to eliminate this risk.

ESQ CERTIFICATION ASSURANCE will take all necessary actions against all threats to the independence and impartiality of the certification body.

ESQ CERTIFICATION ASSURANCE top management is committed to full compliance with this statement.

Raimondo Romeo